Japanese Beetles and Magnolia Scale Widespread

Japanese Beetles have emerged in the Naperville area, and Magnolia Scale insects are widespread. Now is a great time to inspect your trees. Japanese Beetles attack a wide variety of trees but Lindens are definitely their favorite. If you start to see leaves laying in your yard that resemble those in the photos above over the upcoming weeks, Japanese Beetles are at work.

Other trees to pay close attention to are White Birch, River Birch, Elm, Purple Plum, Cherry, certain Maples, Crabs and a wide variety of bushes.









Magnolia Scale is spreading again. These white pods are full of microscopic Scale insects sucking the sap and nutrients from Magnolia trees. Left unchecked and allowed to overwinter even more Scale pods will appear next year and will ultimately lead to the death of the tree. Magnolia Scale insects cause substantial sap drippage on anything beneath the tree.

If you find either of these issues, it’s time to give us a call!