Is it Time to Spray Yet?

Wow, what a Spring! It’s almost May and leaves still aren’t present on trees and shrubs, but they should start to explode soon.  If you’re wondering if now is the time to spray for apple scab, the answer is not yet.

Please trust us to know when the optimal time to apply treatment in the western suburbs is. We monitor the plants that the fungal spores originate from, and once we see that they are becoming active we have a 10-day window to apply your 1st treatment.

For the record this will officially be the latest start to the fungicide treatment schedule in our 48 years in the tree care industry. The latest we ever ‘started’ these applications was April 29th with our 10-day window beginning from that date. From the looks of the situation, at the moment, we will be starting sometime in early May.

Remember to keep an eye on your trees and shrubs throughout the Spring and Summer for any new ‘situations’ that might arise. We work in cooperation with you in caring for your trees and shrubs as we are only on your property a few times a season but you are there every day!

Enjoy the Spring….once it gets here.