Invasion of the Stink Bugs

stink bugs

Do you have Stink Bugs flying around inside your house?  As with many insects, Stink Bugs have become much more prevalent in recent years. When Fall time approaches and it begins to cool down, the only way Stink Bugs can survive is to find a way into warm houses to get through the Winter.

This is Craig, the owner of Tree Green.  I live on a wooded lot and we have been inundated with these critters the last two winters. It made no sense as to how so many were getting inside since our house is pretty much air tight from the outside cold. I figured the only way in which that many bugs could get in and be present on a consistent basis was through some big opening that expelled noticeable warmth. Then it dawned on me… it had to be the chimney flue.

We have a gas log fireplace that we don’t use as much as we should. I shined a super bright LCD flashlight in the firebox and saw some dead Stink Bugs lying around and knew I was on to something.

I opened the flue/vent trap which we hadn’t opened as of yet this year and a few more dropped out. Then I looked upwards inside the flue and attached to the bricks and mortar, in little crevasses and on the bricks, I saw many live Stink Bugs and I could just tell they were all laughing at me. After that we started a fire and more fell. We must have killed hundreds! If you are not in the habit of using your fireplace this may be where most are coming from. We have heard that indoor extermination companies can also deal with this issue if a fire isn’t possible.

We hope this everyone with this issue.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Tree Green!