Bright yellow Maple leaves are a sign of disease

Check out this photo of a Maple tree with bright yellow leaves. Although it might look somewhat normal, the ONLY variety of tree that is supposed to have yellow leaves is the Sunburst Locust. Any other tree with yellow leaves is sick. Clay soil and/or excessive watering (via watering systems that activate every 2 or three days) are usually the cause.

Many trees, especially Maples, do not deal well with heavy clay soils. If you have a Maple that never seems to grow and whose leaves seem lime green or yellow, then it is telling you it is dying.

We have tried a variety of treatments to fix yellowing Maples to no avail. We can feed them to extend their lives, but they will never mature into large, majestic trees if they are exhibiting lime green or yellowing leaves when they are young. Proper tree selection, planting and watering techniques are crucial. If you would like further information regarding these categories, let us know. We will be happy to guide you.