There has been a resurgence of ‘Bagworms’. These insects feed on several types of pine or evergreen but we are presently seeing them doing a lot of damage to Arborvite.

bagworms - damaged arborvite

a line of arborvite being damaged by bagworms

dried-up individual Bagworm ‘pod’

These insects can do a lot of damage in a short time. There can literally be hundreds present on a single shrub. Bagworms feed while creating a protective cocoon around themselves. Within the pod the female will lay eggs and her offspring will emerge to create more damage both this year and next season.

Above is a 25 second video of a Bagworm hard at work feeding and damaging this Arborvite. Notice the new pods are green at this stage of infestation.

If you spot Bagworms on your property, please give us a call!