Too Little Topsoil Leads to Weak Root Systems

This photo shows a parkway tree that recently fell in a wind storm. You have heard from us that all trees of importance to your property should be fertilized once or twice yearly. Fertilization is all that much more important if your property has minimal top soil and a lot of clay.

In most subdivisions builders scraped off the deep top soil and sold much of it off. Then they built the house and re-deposited far too little top soil to benefit trees as they age and mature. Trees in these types of neighborhoods need proper fertilization all that much more.

Please look at this photo closely. It clearly shows exactly what we are talking about. Do you notice how few, if any, ‘structural roots’ are evident in this photo? They are seemingly nonexistent. Upon closer examination we noticed there was only 4 inches of top soil on top of solid clay and all the roots were tiny, fibrous roots, trying to support that large tree.

We are not saying feed your trees because they may fall over, (but obviously, that’s possible), we are simply showing how limited and sparse a trees root system can be and how you may not even realize how limited until you see a photo like this. Then you have to ask yourself, how healthy could that tree actually have been?

Trees add value to your property, and they are worth taking care of.