Spruce Mites

Spruce Mites attack the interior of Colorado Blue Spruce, Green Spruce and Arborvitae shrubs. We are seeing a big increase in the Spruce Mite populations.

Many of our clients have us treat their Spruce and/or Arborvitae not only to control an active Mite problem, but also as a preventative treatment, which is the best approach.

Spruce Mites cause a ‘drab’ green or actual browning of the interior needles. They will not attack the new candle growth that first appeared this year so don’t be fooled by nice exterior color on the tree. Next year, beginning in the Spring, the new candle growth from this season will be attacked by the ‘overwintering’ mites. To see a video on how to test for Mites Click Here.

Although some of our clients have these trees and shrubs treated once a year, many have them sprayed twice; once in Spring and once in the Fall. We are finding that two applications, on a Spring and Fall time table, controls Mite damage more effectively.

If we are only treating your Spruce and Arborvitae in the Spring, and you would like to be included in the Fall application schedule, just call or email the office. The Fall price will be the same as the Spring application.

Mites are difficult to control as they multiply every 10 to 17 days. The more that show up, the more damage they do. On a treatment note, we need to rotate the products that we use so that they cannot build up a tolerance and immunity to any particular product, which they famously do.

“Mite” you have an Infestation?

In this photo you can see a line of Arborvitae which are browning due to Mite damage. Mites are microscopic and they cannot be controlled by basic insecticides. Why? Because Mites are not insects, they are Mites. Products called miticides are necessary to control them. They are resilient little guys, so products need to be rotated from time to time to keep the Mites from building up a tolerance to them.

Mites multiply every 10 to 17 days. Within a few months there are literally millions and millions of them feeding. Mites overwinter and resume feeding the following year if left untreated, so treatment is necessary every year to protect certain trees and shrubs against them.

In our area Colorado Blue and Green Spruce and Arborvitae are the plants most devastatingly attacked by mites. If your Spruce trees or Arborvitae are browning internally you should consider treating them. For additional photos of Mite damage visit our page on Spruce Mites.

It is important to note that Mites DO NOT attack this year’s fresh new growth. They only attack older growth. So, don’t assume you don’t have Mites because this season’s new growth looks healthy. Next year that growth will be under attack as well.

If you think your trees and shrubs might be under attack from this or any problem, just give us a call. Evaluations, as always, are free!