Winter Burn on Maple Trees

We’ve had a number of clients asking what Winter Burn and/or Anthracnose Fungus that we referenced in our last blog post looks like on Maple Trees. So, we decided to send out a follow-up photo.

anthracnose on maple leavesNotice the browning and puckering of the leaves. In some cases the leaves may actually be even more shriveled and blackened in color.  Most of this type of damage will appear either in the lower quadrants of the tree or on the windward side.

Again, be aware that this type of damage will show up on many different species of trees and shrubs. No need to be overly concerned. Just something Mother Nature decided to dish out this year!

Ash Leaves Dropping in Spring

Depending on the neighborhood you live in, you may be seeing the leaves of some Ash trees falling to the ground. This is due to a fungus called Anthracnose. Anthracnose fungus can affect a large variety of trees. Most tree leaves affected by Anthracnose turn brown in spots, curl a bit, and remain on the tree as shown in this photo.   This is common on maple and oak trees.

anthracnose fungus

In the case of Ash trees, the fungus attacks the stem, causing leaves to drop off the tree as shown in the photo below.  This is in NO WAY related to the emerald ash borer!

effect of anthracnose on ash trees

If a neighborhood is attacked by Anthracnose, a tree may lose as much as 75% of its leaves over the course of a few weeks before the leaves stop dropping. The tree will then start to create a second set of leaves. The tree may not look as full as it did with the initial crop of leaves, but it will re-foliate that same year.

Incidentally, we do not treat for Anthracnose as it is not a yearly problem at the present time. It doesn’t make sense to us to treat a tree every year for a problem that may only affect it one year out of every four or five.

As always we take great pride in being totally honest with our clients and providing great, old fashioned customer service. We try to keep our friends and clients updated and educated about their trees. And, thank you to our clients for trusting us with your valuable landscaping!